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      Jiangyin Ming Yan Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is located in a prosperous economy and convenient transportation, with the production capacity to undertake the bulk export of pet toys factory mainly produces plastic pipes with rubber sealing products.

     The Company is set pet toys production, processing and trade in the circulation enterprises as one of the images on this website is for reference only, and are not comparable reference, do please Xiangjie. Thank you for your trust and participation of our strong support and love over the years, we have been able to achieve today's results. I on behalf of all employees to express my sincere thanks and good wishes to you - our closest friends and partners. We know that each of us made ​​a little progress and success are inseparable from the trust and support, your every order, every concern, every proposal are moved us to promote our Endeavour. It is precisely because of your trust and support in the journey ahead, we have a steady stream of confidence and strength, precisely because of your trust and support our cause was in the ascendant, and rapid development. Increasing competition in the market today, for your trust and support, and for us to be priceless. More treasure will redouble our efforts to work with high-quality products and quality service to sincerely return you to achieve the development goals of the company. Days later, we were able to work closely together to create a better future.

     In July 2009, the chairman of the board of the company with thank all the staff of our customers in recent years, the company's support and love, in the future cooperation, we will, as always, strict product quality, to create maximum value for customers. Company of "people oriented, technology leadership philosophy, adhere to the "everything for the user, all service user" operating principles.


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